About us

NorthernLight is a creative agency. We create experience platforms for the learning society. Our ambition is to inspire our audience to rethink, reimagine and reshape their world. Change after all starts with knowing where you are. Our transformative experiences connect people, touch hearts and change minds.

  • We know how to create great user experiences and learning journeys
  • We are masters merging digital and physical worlds
  • We know how to analyse and solve problems
  • Science, technology and innovations are our work environment

Our weapon of choice; digital and physical experiences that merge online and offline storytelling. Our cutting-edge experiences are designed to deepen reality of our past, present and future through stories.

What people say about our experience platforms:

  • They inspire young people to be involved in science, technology and feel empowered to participate in innovation.
  • They are impactful, invasive, transformative. A perfect tool for our 21st century learning society.
  • They are a novel approach to consumer engagement and allow brands to connect consumers to their brand purpose.
  • They help to create thriving creative and learning communities.
  • The storytelling is authentic, meaningful and transparent. It is not about escaping reality, it is about deepening reality.
  • Our experience platforms are designed with love for grandeur and passion for detail.

We believe design can be catalyst to the societal changes of our times. Innovative thinking, creative  technology and an hands-on approach, are core to the way we approach the needs of our clients. NorthernLight was established in 1998 and has offices in Amsterdam and China. Our portfolio includes 150 projects in 25 countries.