In All Their Glory

In All Their Glory

NorthernLight developed and designed the new exhibition “In All Their Glory” for the Royal Palace Amsterdam.

After exactly two centuries the famous Civic Guard Paintings are reunited in the Chambers of the Council of War in a historical reconstruction. In the summer of 2014 you are welcome to bring a unique visit to the third floor of the Royal Palace Amsterdam. For once, the Small and Great Chambers of the Council of War will be open for public. These rooms could never be seen before.

For this exhibition NorthernLight developed unique augmented reality viewers. These make it possible to virtually look around the Great Chamber in all its 17th century glory. At the same time, visitors can use the viewers to zoom in on individual paintings and interactively explore interesting stories and surprising secrets. These interactive exploration will also be possible on the website, long after

In the Small Chamber there is a full size reproduction of Rembrandt’s Nightwatch on its original location. Visitors can explore the dramatic story of how the Night Watch was reduced in size to fit two doors.

In All Their Glory
21 June – 31 August 2014
daily 11.00-17.00 hr.

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