Professor Plons

Professor Plons’ (Professor Splash) is the ‘splashing’ exhibition for children at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam.


Rotterdam Maritime Museum, Rotterdam the Netherlands


In a maritime setting, children can embark on an adventure to discover the Rotterdam harbour with the famous Professor Plons. Conceived as a quay, the interior exhibition features boats, containers, and cranes.


Children can captain a pilot-boat, guide an excursion boat, patrol as a maritime policeman and investigate the goods and products that enter the harbour in sea containers. A sunken container at the bottom of the ocean tells the story of a lost treasure.

The outside terrace, featuring a traffic park, overlooks the skyline of Rotterdam. Containers from around the world can be unloaded with straddle carriers and cranes. Children distribute them to a ship, a train or a truck, to be transported to mainland of Europe. There is also a splashing water surprise, for warm summer days.