Teen facts

Teen Facts; an exhibition about the head, heart and hormones.


Nemo Science Centre, Amsterdam


Teen Facts explains the science behind the teenage years of our lives in a simplistic, exciting and personal manner. In the exhibition, teenagers can find explanations, excuses, trivialities and facts about typical teenage phenomena. NEMO shows the science behind puberty, a dynamic period in which so many things change in such a short time span. Visitors experience, at first hand, how a body is capable of such a grand spectacle.


NorthernLight designed the exhibition in close collaboration with Nemo. The exhibition takes visitors to an adolescent’s experience. This is a phase in life that most people can remember vividly; hectic and confusing and not without reason. Teen Facts has been a great success; the adults are enthusiastic, the young children very curious and the teenagers experience multiple responses from confused and embarrassed to amused, entertained, informed and reassured.

Facts and Figures

Museumbende 5 stars