applied games

Innovation zone at World Expo Milan

The beautiful Museo Nazionale Leonardo da Vinci hosted the Dutch innovation zone during the Expo Milan 2015.

Royal Palace Amsterdam discovery tour

The Exhibition “Hidden Stories” was brought to life by NorthernLight through animated videos telling the Royal Palace’s stories in an inspiring way.

Philips Museum iPad game

Using iBeacon technology NorthernLight developed an interactive iPad quest about 100 years Philips. A game that can be played in teams of up to 4 people.

Hong Kong tech campus innovation centre

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is a hub for innovation. Its offices, laboratories and production facilities enable scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and enterprises to seize business opportunities in the fast-growing Chinese market.

DSM brand experience Shanghai

Starting from the motto “DSM Touches You”, designs were made for all publicly accessible spaces on the Shanghai Campus.

Hong Kong heritage discovery centre

Without knowing one’s history, one’s future is doomed. Experience the heritage of Hong Kong.

Dutch national media experience

Showing heritage in a unique way: fantasy town of the history and impact of media. Personal exploration of atmospheric pavilions using a magic RFID ring.

School workshops in Brazil

Awareness programme to create community support for sustainable planning in Saõ Paulo metropolitan area.

Industrial Cradle science exhibition

Experience a playful, high-tech factory. Explore how energy, big machines, cars, airplanes and robots are manufactured.

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

Innovative learning spaces to explore and understand the phenomena of our natural world and impact it has on our lives.

Beijing Museum Sci Tech and Life

On the impacts of sci-tech on our daily lives. One exhibition in the China Science and Technology Museum larger than many complete science centers.

Kelvingrove centre of new enlightenment

The adventurous smartphone-based quest of Scotland’s largest civic museum. Become a hero of tomorrow.