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Innovation zone at World Expo Milan

The beautiful Museo Nazionale Leonardo da Vinci hosted the Dutch innovation zone during the Expo Milan 2015.

Philips Museum iPad game

Using iBeacon technology NorthernLight developed an interactive iPad quest about 100 years Philips. A game that can be played in teams of up to 4 people.

Hong Kong tech campus innovation centre

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is a hub for innovation. Its offices, laboratories and production facilities enable scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and enterprises to seize business opportunities in the fast-growing Chinese market.

Schiphol Airport discovery tour

Discover the hidden scenes of Amsterdam Airport. Multimodal tour past the places, people and stories of Schiphol.

The New Madurodam

Enriching the visitor experience of the Madurodam discovery park with media and hands-on engagement.

EcOman energy awareness centre

The future energy experience is a national gift by PDO, and underwrites it’s ambition to raise energy awareness and efficiency

Sony Rain Forest Project

biodiversity, nature

PSV Inside football experience

Extended fan experience of PSV football club centered in a dynamic space that combines dining and legacy.