cultural experiences

cultural experiences

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Dutch national media experience

Showing heritage in a unique way: fantasy town of the history and impact of media. Personal exploration of atmospheric pavilions using a magic RFID ring.

Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery

The Holten Canadian War cemetery seeks to enhance public's understanding with a wealth of personal stories and information
01 - EYE film institute -The Basement

Apple barn turned into nature education centre

Small scale nature education centre in historic estate brought to live by volunteer community
01 - Backstage Traveling Expo
01 - At first sight - Helene Kröller-Müller

At first sight

01 - Elementree - Magic tree

Elementree tree parade

Survival at the Pole

Pluk! Saves Nature

Utrecht City Archives

The Bunker

01 - Cargo 84NL

Cargo 84NL

01 - Ecological Netting - Deer

Ecological netting

Dutch Railway Museum

Artis Insectarium

Operation Secret Waves

The Water Theatre

Professor Plons

Dutch Water Museum