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DSM brand experience Shanghai

Starting from the motto “DSM Touches You”, designs were made for all publicly accessible spaces on the Shanghai Campus.

Hong Kong heritage discovery centre

Without knowing one’s history, one’s future is doomed. Experience the heritage of Hong Kong.

Dutch national media experience

Showing heritage in a unique way: fantasy town of the history and impact of media. Personal exploration of atmospheric pavilions using a magic RFID ring.

Power Play

Museon Water of Life

The future of drinking water

Industrial Cradle science exhibition

Experience a playful, high-tech factory. Explore how energy, big machines, cars, airplanes and robots are manufactured.

Rail yard Quest

Zoet! City Forum

On Expedition outdoor exhibition

To attract families to Museum Volkenkunde Leiden it’s garden was transformed into an interactive expedition ground.

Sound exhibition at Museon

Mysterious Wunderkammer

Mysteries happen and treasures can be found. In this exhibition young visitors are immersed in the Stone Age, Roman Age, medieval, and modern times.

Zoet! city museum

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

Innovative learning spaces to explore and understand the phenomena of our natural world and impact it has on our lives.

Our Fragile World

Our Fragile World, Hong Kong
01 - At first sight - Helene Kröller-Müller

At first sight

Ecology Gallery

Survival at the Pole

01 - Guiding Streams - overview
01 - Cargo 84NL

Cargo 84NL

01 - Ecological Netting - Deer

Ecological netting

Kelvingrove centre of new enlightenment

The adventurous smartphone-based quest of Scotland’s largest civic museum. Become a hero of tomorrow.

Teen Facts

Dutch Railway Museum

Mysterix Science Truck

Operation Secret Waves

Copyright Nature

The Water Theatre

Alessi - The travelling brand experience

Professor Plons

Dutch Water Museum

01 - Amazing constructions - Workshop area

Amazing Constructions


Science and You

The Big Idea