public spaces

public spaces

Rijksmuseum Music Tour

Norway shopping mall discovery centre

Proposition, design and visual identity for discovery place in shopping mall

NEMO at Schiphol Airport

Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery

The Holten Canadian War cemetery seeks to enhance public's understanding with a wealth of personal stories and information

Happy Street World Expo Shanghai

Curating the entries for the Dutch Pavilion designed by John Körmeling and EVD, Happy Street

Zoet! City Forum

01 - EYE film institute -The Basement

Sound exhibition at Museon

Apple barn turned into nature education centre

Small scale nature education centre in historic estate brought to live by volunteer community

Our Fragile World

Our Fragile World, Hong Kong
01 - Backstage Traveling Expo
01 - At first sight - Helene Kröller-Müller

At first sight

Ecology Gallery

01 - Cience Viva - Outdoor discovery area

Cience Viva

Pluk! Saves Nature

Utrecht City Archives

The Bunker

The Bunker

traveling roadshow promotes knowledge of social dilemma's in WW2

Tax Office visitor centre

Water Garden

Teen Facts

Artis Insectarium

You, Me, Electricity

Mysterix Science Truck

Copyright Nature

Professor Plons

Science on Wheels

01 - Amazing constructions - Workshop area

Amazing Constructions


Visitor centre WHO

Science and You

The Big Idea