science centres

science centres

Innovation zone at World Expo Milan

The beautiful Museo Nazionale Leonardo da Vinci hosted the Dutch innovation zone during the Expo Milan 2015.

Norway shopping mall discovery centre

Proposition, design and visual identity for discovery place in shopping mall

Power Play

Museon Water of Life

The future of drinking water

Industrial Cradle science exhibition

Experience a playful, high-tech factory. Explore how energy, big machines, cars, airplanes and robots are manufactured.

EcOman energy awareness centre

The future energy experience is a national gift by PDO, and underwrites it’s ambition to raise energy awareness and efficiency

High Tech Romans

Experience fascinating Roman technologies

Copernicus science centre Warsaw

Innovative learning spaces to explore and understand the phenomena of our natural world and impact it has on our lives.

Beijing Museum Sci Tech and Life

On the impacts of sci-tech on our daily lives. One exhibition in the China Science and Technology Museum larger than many complete science centers.