Rijksmuseum Family game app launched

Rijksmuseum Family game app

On April 11 the Rijksmuseum Family game app was launched. NorthernLight developed and designed the concept and game play for the app, and together with the Rijksmuseum elaborated on the content and storyline.

Interactive quest

This interactive quest takes families on a journey of one hour through the museum to discover secrets and unravel mysteries of paintings and artefacts. On their quest, visitors also gather clues to solve the end puzzle. The app is unique because every family member gets their own device, but within the family group (minimum 2, maximum 4 players) devices are digitally linked to play together and jointly solve the mysteries. Interactive games include Make your own Vermeer, Mix the best gunpowder, Find the fastest ship and Open the mysterious lock.


The devices (iPods) are for rent at the Multimedia desk. Later this month, the Family game will be available – as part of the Rijks-app – for iPhone and iPod in the App store, and for Android devices through Google play.