The Fokker 100 has landed

Location: Schiphol, Amsterdam

The Fokker 100 has landed on Schiphol’s Panorama Terrace. The biggest aircraft ever produced by Fokker, the renowned Dutch aircraft manufacturer, is a gift from KLM to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. A collaboration of many partners, including the Aviodrome, has transformed it into an aviation experience.

The interior of the Fokker 100 has been converted into a full-scale aviation experience, suitable for all ages. Inspect the cockpit, listen to reports from traffic control, try the original Fokker seats, have a look in the baggage hold and experience the history of Fokker. The little ones will be challenged to learn interesting facts and solve riddles about aviation.

Admission to the Fokker 100 on Schiphol’s Panorama Terrace is free.
The centre will be open to the public on june 1st, 2011.