Copernicus Science Centre open!

Location: Warsaw, Poland

An outdoor multimedia show “Big Bang” directed by British film maker Peter Greenaway and his wife Sakia Boddeke added splendor to Friday opening of the first section of the Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center (CNK), one of the first institutions in Poland where visitors can carry out experiments explaining the laws of science.

A three storey building with an area of nearly 20, 000 square meters includes over 450 interactive exhibits demonstrating how the world around works. The focus is on understanding the essence of phenomena, rather than on telling the story of scientific progress.

The exhibits at this hands-on Center can be touched and manipulated in order to perform experiments. By setting these experiments in motion and watching the results, visitors can grasp even complex natural phenomena.

The organizers promise to showcase cutting-edge technological solutions that scientists are only just developing.

NorthernLight designed the permanent exhibitions:, “On the Move”, “Humans and the Environment”. Both galleries are produced by Bruns.
The Copernicus Science Center is a cultural institution created as the joint initiative of the City of Warsaw, the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the Polish Ministry of National Education.