Exciting new cultural visitor attraction in Hong Kong

NorthernLight developed and designed the permanent exhibitions Hong Kong’s newest cultural visitor attraction, the Heritage Discovery Centre. Located in the famous Kowloon Park, the Heritage Discovery Centre offers a personal, emotional and interactive way to discover the heritage of the greater Hong Kong region.

Heritage Discovery centre

The Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) is responsible for the conservation and promotion of Hong Kong’s 6,000 years of Heritage. The Heritage Discovery Centre is set up by AMO to function as an interactive educational centre and as a tourist attraction. NorthernLight was awarded the contract to develop the permanent exhibitions, the Central Archaeological Repository and the Archaeological Activity Room for the centre.

The story of Hong Kong

The permanent exhibitions that were developed and designed by NorthernLight aim to reconstruct Hong Kong’s history, culture and the lives lead by Hong Kong people. They seeks to relate this heritage to contemporary Hong Kong life; ’Without knowing one’s heritage means one is not capable of capturing one’s own history; without knowing one’s history, one’s future is doomed’. By preserving heritage, people of other cultures, as well as Hong Kong’s future generations, will understand how the city and the people have evolved. The heart of permanent exhibitions is formed by six stunning story rooms, each containing beautiful displays and exciting interactives about a particular period in Hong Kong’s history. In the other exhibitions, artefacts, archaeological objects, images, graphics, labels, scale models and the use of immersive audio on a large scale tell the story of Hong Kong and it’s people.

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