The Royal Palace Amsterdam depicts many stories. Not only about its history or the historical events that took place in the palace, but also mythological stories that can be found in the paintings and sculptures in the building. These hidden stories will come to live in the summer exhibition “Hidden Stories, discover the Palace Myths”. The exhibition, which will be opened by Princess Beatrix on the 2nd of July, has been designed, developed and produced by NorthernLight.

Animated videos

Throughout the palace visitors will find special multimedia stations highlighting the hidden stories. Here visitors can watch beautiful ‘flip book style’ animated videos that tell the often complex mythological stories in a simple, compelling way. A special spotlight directs the visitor’s eye to the area in the painting that is discussed in the animation. Part of the exhibition is an impressive showcase table that houses some of the most important historic books. These books were a source of inspiration for the mythological decorations that can be found in the palace.

When people leave the exhibition, they will get a beautiful little flip book telling the mythological stories of Atlantis and Icarus. NorthernLight designed and produced the flip book, as well as the impressive exhibition catalogue. Peter Slavenburg, director of NorthernLight, about the exhibition. “It has been very inspiring and rewarding to translate the complex myths and sages that are depicted in some of the paintings and decorations, into simple appealing animated video stories. Video is becoming increasingly important in the way people absorb and consume information. We are happy that the Royal Palace Amsterdam has decided to integrate video into this temporary exhibition. It will definitely please and inspire its visitors.”