NorthernLight cooperates with Master students Media Innovation of NHTV

Challenged to come up with a concept and business case

Create a digital experience for Schiphol and Gazelle; that’s the assignment students of the Master of Media Innovation of NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda have been working on since September this year under supervision of NorthernLight. For Schiphol the students have been focussing on creating a digital experience for the 1,3 million people who visit Schiphol’s panorama terrace each year. The experience should highlight the role of the airport, being a place where travel, leisure and aviation come together. The students are challenged to come up with a concept and business case that on the one hand offers visitors an enriching experience and on the other hand results in ROI. For Gazelle the students will focus on a digital experience that enhances the brand image and increases brand engagement. In March 2012 the students will present the end-result to all parties involved.

New perspectives

NorthernLight is very excited to work with the master students on this project. “The students will bring in new perspectives. The content that is offered in the master programme will help them to come up with creative ideas and innovative business models”, explains Steven Schaeken, managing director of NorthernLight.

Benefit from the feedback

“It is a great opportunity to work with NorthernLight”, explains Anneke van der Voort-Kruk, Programme Manager of the Master in Media Innovation. “NorthernLight brings a lot of experience to the table; the students will definitely benefit from the feedback they will receive from NorthernLight throughout the project. The assignment enables our students to apply the theories and techniques they have learned and come across during the programme. This real-life case will also help them to better understand what creative and business considerations play a role in projects like this.”

Master in Media Innovation

The Master in Media Innovation is a one-year programme that lasts 12 months and starts in September every year. Using a cross-disciplinary approach integrating media theory, technology, business models and communication studies, the Master in Media Innovation focuses on the core processes behind media products to uncover a digital grammar. Mastering this grammar gives students an in-depth understanding of the digital platform, enabling them not only to improve the capacity to express themselves through digital media, but also to anticipate and initiate future media developments by exploiting the full potential of digital media. The programme contains five modules and a graduation project. The topics that are covered in these five modules are the development of media, media theory, system architecture, business models and communication theory.