Opening Innovation Gallery at NEMO

opening Innovation Gallery

Crowded and successfull

Last Friday, the new Innovation Gallery opened in NEMO. In the exhibition ‘Everyone Electric’ people could touch and determine the first full-electric Nissan Leaf in The Netherlands. The opening was very successful. With more than 300 people, the gallery was stuffed with enthusiastic visitors being excited about the possibilities of electric transport, smart energy-grids and sustainable energy. A dance-act completed the festive atmosphere.

QR-codes connecting to mobile platform

Via QR-codes, people could explore the mobi: a mobile website especially made for this Gallery. Visitors scrolled through the objects, looked the informative clips and newsitems, read linked blogs and voted for the provocative theses. This way of providing additional information to an exhibition is very innovative. At the opening, it seemed to work very well.

NorthernLight is partner for this Innovation Gallery and was responsible for the concept, design, content and production management of this exhibition.