Amon & Amara Children’s app

Go on expedition in the magical ancient Egypt.


National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, The Netherlands


Article in Museumtijdschrift about the iPad application Amon & Amara.
PDF(250kb , Dutch): From pixel to papyrus


Amon & Amara

Amon & Amara is an app produced by digital publisher Follow a Muse for the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities. Follow a Muse a cooperation between NorthernLight and Klazien Brummel.

An Egyptian adventure

The Egyptian princess Amara is terribly bored. She escapes from the palace and comes across Amon. He teaches her how to dodge dangerous crocodile jaws. However, one day he is caught by a giant crocodile himself. To save him, Amara needs to crack secret hieroglyphs, solve riddles and find a bottle of wonder oil in a maze swarmed with scorpions.

Interactive game elements

Interactive game elements are integrated in the adventure story on crucial moments. Most of the games have an educational meaning, like cracking a riddle in hieroglyphs. Others are plain fun, like the Crocodile Jump which you have to complete to cross the river and reach Amon. Sneak preview of writing a Hieroglyph Letter.


Adventurous fiction in the ancient Egypt

Go on expedition in the magical ancient Egypt. In this story adventurous fiction is combined with facts from the ancient Egypt. The story has a unique relation with the Egyptian collection at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities. Therefore magical ancient Egyptian objects are explained in a visual dictionary and are visible in real life in the museum.

Enjoy; alone or together

Follow Amon, son of baker, and the always curious princess Amara in an interactive, educational adventure. Use this app to connect to your children by reading them the story. The app can also be enjoyed individually, just read the story beforehand and leave your voice.

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