Copernicus science centre Warsaw

Innovative learning spaces explore the phenomena of the natural world


Warsaw, Poland


Copernicus is one of the most visited science centres in Europe. The Polish scientific community and public needed a place to interact with science. Being the first science center in Poland, Copernicus wanted to establish a state of the art hands-on learning facility. NorthernLight was asked to create innovative spaces that would engage people in scientific thinking and show the impact of technological developments on our lives and the world around us.


Being able to change our world starts with understanding it. Science centres have developed a great method of discovery through hands-on exploration and experiential learning. The science centre method was new to the Warsaw audience so we created classic hands-on exhibits to explain scientific concepts through experimentation and play. To expand on the idea of a social place, we developed theatre settings and laboratories on anatomy, cell biology and environmental conservation.The impressive ‘Copernicus Window’ kinetic installation covers the entire building facade. This sculptural icon introduces Copernicus’ scientific reasoning in animated form and serves to establish the brand icon.

Facts and Figures

  • Over 1.000.000 visitors annually
  • Total area 15.000 m2 – 7.000 m2 exhibition space
  • Our assignment: 2.000 m2 gallery space
  • 20 thematic topics, 200 exhibits
  • Copernicus window art 30 m2 Seven meter kinetic installation
  • Anatomy and microscopic theatres
  • Full design and development together with partner Bruns