Digital Strategy for Library Birmingham

Library digital strategy consultancy services


Birmingham, Great Britain


The library of Birmingham, England is viewed as a flagship project for the city’s redevelopment. This library preserves the best traditional practice, while also opening the building to new ideas about what a library should be—the heart of the community, fulfilling all manner of social needs as well as scholarly, research-based and pleasurable ones. Northernlight consultant the librarians to develop a innovative digital strategy to live up to the innovative building by Mecanoo architects,


NorthernLight designed the digital strategy for the new Library of Birmingham in close cooperation with architects Mecanoo. Users create a personal profile, and all books will be RFID tagged. The system is based on three systems, including: a Personal ID device (PID)  in the form of a card or bracelet. A Personal Connection Station and a Personal Digital Device (PDD).

Facts and Figures

  • Largest public library in the United Kingdom and the largest regional library in Europe.
  • Largest public cultural space in Europe.
  • Over 2 million visitors per year 2014 making it the 10th most popular visitor attraction in the UK.