E.ON visitor centres

E.ON, one of Europe’s largest energy companies, likes to open a dialogue about energy and energy-related issues with its clients.


The Netherlands and Germany


As an addition to this, E.ON is about to open several visitor centres, centres that will help visitors to explore the role of energy in their lives and that will promote energy conservation and encourage feedback on local and global concerns and issues. The first of the energy centres has been opened in Datteln, Germany.


Why can’t wind be the main source of energy? What is the world’s ideal energy mix? Which power plants does E.ON manage and how do they work? These questions and more are answered by attractive interactive visitor centres designed by NorthernLight in close collaboration with Kubik.

The starting point for the design was the corporate identity of E.ON’s graphic design. This design gained E.ON the Society for Environmental Graphic Design’s (SEGD) Merit Award in 2009.

Facts and Figures

SEGD 2009 (Society for Environmental Graphic Design)