Ecological netting

The exhibition Ecological netting is highly interactive and immersive. It shows a collection of ‘key-animals’, functioning as example of different netting-solutions.


Museon, The Hague, The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a densely populated country. Highways, urban regions and nature fight for space. Usually, financial motives win, which means that nature is cut up in small pieces. Animals need a wider living environment than available for hunting and propagating. In the exhibition ‘Ecological Netting, visitors can see what is done in The Netherlands in order to prevent animals from extinction. We build bridges over highways for deer, tunnels under public roads for badger and we plant high trees next to busy roads to urge butterflies and birds to fly higher than the cars drive.


Visitors learn about the specific problems some animals face and the importance of the precautions we take. They can call the animals with special phones to ask them questions and they get the vision of a forest keeper. The exhibits give insight into political, economical and environmental challenges.