Industrial Cradle, China’s origin of Machinery

Experience a playful, high-tech factory. Explore how energy, big machines, cars, airplanes and robots are manufactured.


Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China


Liaoning province is China’s home of machinery. This local industry has made a huge contribution to the early days of the country and continues to play an important role in China while gaining reputation as a world player in different fields of industry. We were challenged to create an experience to celebrate and show the importance of the technologies of the historical, modern and future local industry for China and the world.


Most museums on industrial subjects focus on history and heritage (goods and machines). Our exhibition, shows this too, but with a focus on technological developments that produced these stories and artifacts. Desk research, expert consultations and site visits to local factories, led to the design of the interactive experience “the Industrial Cradle’. Visitors start interacting with the technology behind the western industrial revolutions, before looking into the origin of the local industry. The largest part of the exhibition is an interactive factory, highlighting contemporary industrial achievements through interactive models and simulators. The exhibition ends with Liaoning’s latest feats in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Facts and Figures

  • Scope: concept and preliminary design
  • 2200 square meters
  • 100 exhibits
  • Winner “Successful Design” Award 2013