Sound, more than you hear

Sounds can be very surprising phenomena.


Den Haag, The Netherlands


Sound Features

Sounds can be very surprising phenomena. Sound is all around us and we couldn’t live without it, but what happens is we focus on the separate characteristics of sound? For example pitch or volume; sound can be high and low, loud or quiet. The exhibition investigates the features of sound in 10 experiments. Some of the questions the exhibitions answers are: What do you hear if you play two tones? Why does the sound of an ambulance change?


Collections and experiments

In this permanent exhibition, visitors perform a number of interesting experiments with sound and enjoy some weird sound effects. They draw geometrical patterns with the help of sound waves, or wonder how a tone can be rising indefinitely. The exhibition also illustrates two important scales along which sound is measured: pitch and strength. This is done in the form of a comic story that includes interesting examples of well-known sounds, and dialogues that communicate the underlying physical principles. A large showcase houses a collection of sound carriers of the previous century.

Facts and Figures