Rijksmuseum app finalist at Heritage in Motion Awards

The Heritage in Motion Awards give a stage to the creators of films, games, apps and websites about Europe’s heritage; cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. We are proud that the Rijksmuseum app, of which concept, design and content were done by NorthernLight, was announced finalist last week. The winners will be announced at the Museum Santa Giulia in Brescia, Italy on 8 May 2015, at the annual conference of the European Museum Academy.

Some special features of the Rijksmuseum app:

The app works as a magic window, revealing remarkable stories and surprising details about the Rijksmuseum’s collection as well as its architecture. With the Rijksmuseum app your smartphone is transformed into a magnifying glass, a set of binoculars, a time machine, an infrared scanner, a sketch pad, or a magic wand.

The app includes 3D-audio compositions, offering the experience of navigating through 3D space. The soundscapes sweep you along in the atmosphere of each tour. And every tour offers the option to collect a digital souvenir, which you can save on your smartphone or share by e-mail.

The app is connected to the award winning Rijksmuseum website, through the like-function. When visitors like a certain artpiece, it is automatically added to their personal collection on the website. The digital souvenirs that visitors create on the app can also be added to their collection and shared through social media.

The app is available in nine languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

The app also contains practical visitor’s information, and schedule of the current activities in the Rijksmuseum.

The app contains a special family game. This interactive quest takes families on a journey through the museum to discover secrets and unravel mysteries of paintings and artifacts. The app is unique because every family member gets their own device, but within the family group devices are digitally linked to play together and jointly solve the mysteries. Interactive games include Make your own Vermeer, Mix the best gunpowder, Find the fastest ship and Open the mysterious lock.