EcOman wins Oman 2011 green award

Dear all,

Some cheerful news for the morning, EcOman has won Oman 2011 green award. Oman Green Awards is the country’s first Environmental Awards and it is organized by Oman Economic Review in association with government organizations including the Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Health (Department of Environment) and the Environment Society of Oman (ESO) in order to promote eco-consciousness and awareness in the Sultanate. Oman Green Awards had honored and appreciated the outstanding environmental vision, endeavour, initiatives and achievements of the corporate sector and individuals yesterday on the 5th of June 2011.


Since the opening of EcOman center in March 2011 to the public, it has been receiving more than 1000 visitors every month. The increasing number of visitors and the appreciation and enthusiasm shown during the visits shows how much the public appreciate the objective behind the establishing such institution and the creative ideas it is using to send out the message about the evolution and future of energy. Younger audiences are taught through exhibits that ask them to participate in writing their pledges that reflects their ecological awareness and commitments towards carrying the change in their life style towards more energy saving.