November 23, 2016

NorthernLight working on Floriade 2022

Floriade, the World Horticultural Exhibition, will open its 7th edition in spring 2022 in Almere. NorthernLight and BLOC have been selected to develop the new Floriade concept, including the identity, storyline, overall plan and marketing strategy.

The Floriade Expo will focus on the implications of worldwide urbanization on food, climate change and energy demand. It will be a ‘living lab’, a testing ground for research to innovative systems in the area of residual flows, water purification, water, mobility and food production in particular.

Floriade 2022 will be completely different from earlier editions. Growing Green Cities will be the central theme of the exhibition and the Expo area will be an integrated part of the city of Almere. During a period of 6 months visitors will experience what will become the most innovative, healthy and green city district in the world.

NorthernLight and BLOC closely cooperate with Floriade BV and MVRDV, the architects that developed the Expo grid. Together they share the ambition to breathe new life into the Floriade brand and to create a concept that appeals to audiences worldwide.