November 7, 2016

World’s first exhibition about Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations

One Planet, world’s first exhibition about the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations opened at the Museon. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations wrote a special video message for the opening of the exhibition, which was developed and designed by NorthernLight in close collaboration with the Museon team, and build by Bruns. 

In this action-oriented exhibition, covering an area of 1200 square metres, Museon and NorthernLight show that the great global issues facing mankind really can be solved. The exhibition focuses on the many kinds of action that can be taken to guarantee the sustainability of life on earth. From dramatic large-scale solutions to modest ideas that impact on a single square metre. One Planet inspires visitors to contribute their ideas and proceed to action. And so to make themselves heroes on our planet.

Thinking and doing
One Planet offers visitors a series of seventeen interactive displays, each examining a different Sustainable Development Goal and together encompassing the major challenges facing mankind today. Subjects that are highlighted include water, energy, refugees, climate change and discrimination. The interactive displays are presented in combination with items from the Museon’s multifaceted educational collection. One Planet makes it clear to visitors that they too have a part to play and incites them to think further about the problems and help to solve them.