Grand opening Ecoman Centre!

Location: Muscat, Oman

The Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has opened the EcOman Centre, a facility dedicated to educating and inspiring the public to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, at Mina Al Fahal.

Opening Ecoman Centre

“All our major projects have a proportion of their budgets set aside specifically for social investment in the area where we operate to provide support to the local people to set up traditional craft businesses, training and provide employment opportunities,” said Raoul Restucci, PDO managing director.
“The choice we made in building the centre was guided by the importance the PDO gives to being a responsible company. And being a responsible company begins by spreading awareness on how best to preserve the planet where we all live. The EcOman Centre just does that,” he added.

NorthernLight thanks PDO and all the colleagues for the hard work that made it possible to realise PDO’s gift to the nation from the initial architectural planning to hand-over.

The centre will be open to the public on March 21.

Video by Prakashsj